Key Things to Remember in a Daycare Setting

Key Things to Remember in a Daycare Setting

Taking care of children requires the energy and motivation that you never thought was possible for yourself. With any type of  child care management, you not only need these things, but you also need to have consistency with no flaws. The most important things to be consistent on in this field are keeping the rules simple, rewarding good behavior, and helping a child correct their misbehaviors. By keeping you and your staff consistent with this, you will help the children learn how to live with respect and some form of discipline so that they are not running around breaking rules and possibly hurting themselves or others.

Keep The Rules Simple

When it comes to setting rules for children, it is very crucial to set simple and easy to follow rules so that they will actually follow them. If the rules you are setting are too difficult to understand or to in-depth for their age range, chances are they are not going to want to take the time to understand them. A few simple rules that are excellent for children in daycare are: help each, take care of the toys, say please and thank you, and no hitting.

Teaching Children to Correct Their Misbehaviors

By teaching children to correct their mistakes, they will start learning right from wrong which is extremely important to start teaching them at an early age. For instance, if a child is outside and you catch them climbing up the slide, simply take their hand, explain the dangers to them and help walk them to the correct area where they can climb up and slide down. By only telling them not to climb up the slide, they are bound to try it a few more times until they learn how to correct their misbehavior. Remember to be consistent when correcting as children love to test the limits many times before they understand.

Spot Out Their Good Behavior

It is very common for people to spot a child’s misbehavior and correct it, but why not start noticing their good behavior? When a child sees that they are rewarded with compliments when they do something good, chances are they are going to want to do it again for the positive attention. When you are only focusing on the bad constantly, they are going to seek out the only attention they are getting which is for their misbehavior.

A childcare setting can become extremely stressful when people are not on the same page with consistency. Every staff on sight should follow the same simple rules for the children, spot out every child’s good behavior, and help children correct their own personal misbehavior. By keeping everyone on the same level, the children will no that rules apply with every staff member and they will not try and misbehave while around certain individuals. Children need steady rules and a set schedule in order to avoid a day full of havoc and time-outs which no child wants to partake in.

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