The Exciting World of Visual Art

The Exciting World of Visual Art

The world of visual arts can be an existing experience. With a large variety of different art to choose from the chances of running out of interesting subject matter is unlikely. Art can be seen in our everyday lives if you do not think so look at the architecture in your town or city. Art has most likely influenced that peace of architecture. The Roman Empire is known for creating the arch the arch was superior for structural integrity opposed to support beams with squared off edges. The arch is an example of a practical means of architecture that would later be turned into more elaborate artwork. If architecture is not your thing there is no worry. Crafts, video, photography, sculptures, printmaking, drawings and paintings are a few examples of the many forms of visual art available to us all.

Anyone who uses social media has experienced the art of video and photography. With sites like YouTube and Instagram this art form is there foundation. Taking a step back will allow us to identify the lineage of the original forms of visual art. Paintings on cave walls are a great documentation of early human civilization. Paintings of animals hunting parties, and much more are documentation of how early people lived. This is a great example that art is not just a form of entertainment but in fact is a way to document history. We must remember video and photography have not always been around forever.

Artist would take on a form of art called realistic paintings drawing sculptures and so on. What this means is there is no interpolation on the artist’s behave in regard to his or her artwork. The artwork was created to look as factual as possible to the situation that was being documented such as a battle or important leadership change in government. The person being depicted in the artwork was also made to look as real life as possible. You can put your artwork in any customized frames of your own choosing.

Over the course of hundreds of years this would slowly change religion and political climate would have a lot to do with it. A realistic approach to art will be the norm at one time then a time period of artist having more influences in their art would be the standard. This back and forth would continue up until the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s where emotional art became the common practice amongst artist of that day. Emotional art is just that art that has no true meaning instead is created to influence the viewer’s emotion. Far different from realistic or historical forms of artwork. Bright colors that were not found in nature were the standard depictions of people did not have to be perfect in regard to shape and proportion. Art has changed drastically over the thousands of years it shows us the political economic and social climate these generations lived with because art is often a reflection of these things.

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