These Light and Chewy Italian Rolls Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In America

These Light and Chewy Italian Rolls Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In America

There are lots of different types of breads and rolls that are used for sandwiches these days. In recent years, ciabatta rolls have become increasingly popular with hungry consumers everywhere. Not only are ciabatta rolls delicious in flavor, but they also feature a unique, pleasing texture.

While some ciabatta rolls are round in shape, many of them are somewhat rectangular and fairly wide, with rounded tops. Made with yeast and wheat flour, these rolls feature a slightly crisp, browned exterior and a light, fluffy interior. The interior, or the crumb of the rolls features an open texture, which means the dough contains numerous holes.

In 1982, a baker from Verona, Italy, invented Ciabatta bread in an effort to find a new type of bread to use for sandwiches. Ciabatta bread and ciabatta rolls are essentially the same thing. Each piece, or loaf of the bread is actually an individual roll.

Widely acknowledged as looking like slippers, ciabatta rolls are commonly utilized for panini sandwiches in Italy and the United States. In restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias across America, ciabatta rolls are regularly filled with tasty ingredients and grilled in panini presses. Bakeries of all sizes now include ciabatta rolls among their bread offerings.

At some of America’s largest restaurant chains, ciabatta rolls are regularly used to hold an assortment of gourmet sandwiches. Options such as grilled chicken breast with cheddar cheese and roast beef with red onion and arugula are regularly served on artisan ciabatta rolls. The large holes that are present throughout the insides of ciabatta rolls means that the rolls contain less crumb or filling than other breads, allowing the sandwich ingredients to shine.

Because it is a wet, high-gluten dough, ciabatta roll dough should not be handled too much when it is being prepared. Generally, this type of dough requires the use of an overnight starter, and the dough has to rise for a few hours before the rolls are formed and baked. The rolls usually contain olive oil, and they smell delectable when they are baking. Some people think that the olive oil in the dough produces a fried-like flavor in the rolls, while others think that the rolls have a slightly nutty flavor.

In addition to being a delicious and sturdy platform for panini sandwiches, ciabatta rolls taste great when heated and served with olive oil or butter. The minimal handling of the dough when being prepared, helps to create the preferred holes in this rustic-type of bread. At some bakeries, a pan of hot water is placed in the oven along with the bread dough as the ciabatta rolls are baked. The water in the oven creates a steaming effect, which can help to produce chewier, more crispy crusts.

The next time you’re in the mood for a good sandwich, try having it made on a ciabatta roll. The light and chewy texture of the bread is amazing. Their gentle and unique flavor makes these rolls just right for holding any type of filling.

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